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Drive Wiser – encouraging safe young drivers

Various high-profile bodies and organisations - including RoSPA and TRL - have been involved in research to see how effective in-car black box devices (typically supplied by insurers) can be in reducing risky and dangerous driving by new and young drivers.


Studies and anecdotal evidence have shown that most drivers, young and old alike, do not like having their driving continuously monitored and suffering penalties and curfews as a result.

At Drive Wiser we don't restrict your annual mileage, you can drive whenever and wherever you want to, and we don't fine you if you occasionally exceed a speed limit. If having a little black box fitted in your car means you can save hundreds of pounds at the outset and become a safer driver, it really shouldn't seem so bad.

So what is the point of the black box?

The black box fitted in your vehicle records data about your driving and we use this information to help you save money. This is achieved in a number of ways, but primarily by helping establish liability in the event of an accident (this can mean protecting your No Claim Discount and your excess or simply keeping the costs of a claim down because the driving data allows your insurer to settle quickly and efficiently).

But does the black box really save you money?

Yes, with Drive Wiser it can give you considerable savings on the cost of your insurance. Here’s how:

  • By providing you with a competitively priced policy from the start because you agree to have a telematics device fitted in your car
  • By reducing claims costs in the event of an accident, through intelligent analysis of the data provided by your black box
  • By offering the best prices possible at renewal to safe, claim-free drivers

How does Drive Wiser encourage safe driving?

The following are just some of the driving behaviours encouraged by Drive Wiser telematics:

  • Safe speed
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Smooth braking
  • Low incidence of sudden, erratic movements such as harsh cornering

If the box records any potentially risky, dangerous or illegal driving behaviour, we will highlight this in your weekly update sent via email and on your Dashboard. This means you can modify your driving and become a better driver. So, whether you've broken the 30mph speed limit in a built up area, or you've had to slam on the brakes several times in a week, Drive Wiser will let you know it's of concern, so you can consider changing how and when you drive. For example braking a little sooner, leaving home a little earlier to avoid rushing and being more aware of those around you and the road conditions, can all make a big difference.

You are likely to save money by being a safe driver and it might even save your life.

Drive Wiser, watching out for you, helping you to stay safe

Drive Wiser uses in-car smart technology to bring you quality car insurance which could help you become a better, safer driver. We aim to make black box cover as simple and effective as possible. Get a quote with us today.