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Young driver insurance that sets an example

Drive Wiser telematics-based young driver insurance enables you to review and improve your driving throughout  the life of your policy, so you can set a shining example to others road users, and minimise your risk on the road.


If you’re a young or newly-qualified driver, telematics insurance can help by providing you with driving data on your Dashboard and sent to you via email. By regularly checking the data, which highlights any risky behavior that could possibly lead to accidents, or driving offences, you will be able to modify and further expand your skills as a driver – great news for you and everybody else on the road. Plus, as an added incentive, safe drivers who keep a watchful eye on their data and improve where necessary are more likely to get the best possible price at renewal.

How parents influence our driving

You are more than likely aware of the statistics: young drivers (between 17 and 24 years old) make up for only a fraction of UK licence holders but are twice as likely to be involved in an accident as an older driver. Therefore, they represent a disproportionate percentage in the accident figures, which is why young driver insurance is typically several hundred pounds more expensive than equivalent cover for an older person.

There are many reasons why young drivers tend to be more accident-prone; from over-confidence and recklessness to distractions, poor risk assessment ability, excessive speed and the kinds of unsafe vehicles that might be driven by novices looking to buy to a first car on a limited budget.

However, one factor that is often overlooked is the influence of a young driver's parents. In 2015 tyre manufacturer Goodyear released details of a long overdue study into the link between parents' driving attitudes and habits, and those of their children.

The study gathered data from 6,800 parents of drivers aged between 16 and 25; it spanned 19 European countries and formed the backbone of Goodyear's White Paper - Driving Safety First: Improving Road Safety for Novice Drivers.

Interestingly, more than half of parents said that they thought their children paid attention to their driving behaviour, while more than one-third said that they thought their driving behaviour began to influence their children's attitude towards road safety from as young as six.

And with 51% of parents surveyed in the UK admitting that they have a number of bad habits, as well as 44% admitting that they have been caught speeding with a child passenger, it could be argued that it is little wonder that young drivers are prone to bad habits from the outset.

"It is clear the role of parents starts very early. They are role models for the children. They drive behaviour, and their behaviour on the road as drivers, cyclists or pedestrians has an influence," said Eszter Salamon, president of the European Parents Association.

Parents should never underestimate the power of their own example, and as telematics car insurance  canhave an active role in helping to correct bad driving habits, it's not just a good idea for young drivers but for their parents as well.

Take a drive into the future

The future of young driver car insurance is here. Try the benefits of Drive Wiser by getting a quote today. And remember, driving well throughout the course of your policy will help us be able to offer you the best possible price at renewal.

Who knows, you might even set an example for your parents!

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