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Drive Wiser - offering effective incentives for safer driving

So, you want affordable young driver insurance that not only protects you by providing you with the cover you need but also helps you to stay safe on the road?


Well, the good news is that you've come to the right place. At Drive Wiser,we believe in using black box technology to inform and educate young drivers, so they can make the most responsible choices on the road.

We send our customers weekly notifications about their driving skills - sent to their dashboard and email address – telling them how well they’ve driven or to flag up any bad driving habits, that could possibly lead to accidents and motoring offences.

Then, come renewal time, we’ll review the driving data and if the driver has stayed safe behind the wheel, and improved their driving score, they will be offered the best possible price on their policy. The data can also be used in the event of a claim, potentially freeing you of liability if you are not at fault and helping to settle the claim quickly even if you are. This helps to keep legal costs down.

So, that's clear then: Drive Wiser provides quality telematics cover which can help responsible young drivers save money, through constructive encouragement rather than unnecessary punishments.

By being aware of how, where and when you drive and by trying to avoid being at fault in accidents, when you decide to renew with Drive Wiser (why wouldn't you?) you should get the best price we can offer – after all, you will have earned it.

The effect on irresponsible drivers

But what about those drivers who don't demonstrate a commitment to safe and responsible driving?

Well, the price of a premium can go up, especially if you don't use the data provided to help correct any dangerous behaviour, such as reckless cornering and frequent speeding. The bottom line is, you can expect to pay a sum for your young driver car insurance whichreflects how well you have driven during the life of your policy.

Some black box insurance providers will charge you a fine every time they receive data about negative driving traits. However, we realise that this is not an effective way of encouraging safety. That's why we trust you to assess and correct your own potentially hazardous or illegal behaviour, helped along by the weekly updates.

We hope that by offering you unobtrusive, practical advice instead of enforced penalties, we will make accident-prone drivers more willing to consider and hopefully change the way they drive.

With the prospect of cheaper car insurance and an easier claims process, Drive Wiser encourages safer driving with more carrots and less sticks!

Drive Wiser – Helping responsible drivers save money

Drive Wiser black box car insurance with no automatic penalties, curfews, or limited mileage – just open the road to cheaper young driver car insurance with the added protection of in-car smart technology.

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