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Drive Wiser - real driving, not simulated

With Drive Wiser, young driver car insurance is made affordable.


By using a telematics device fitted in your car to help you stay safe and legal on the road we are able to offer you the best possible price on your premium.

In fact, there are several benefits to Drive Wiser cover. Firstly, if the data recorded by the box reveals good driving habits, then we are more likely to offer you the best possible price for your insurance at renewal, and secondly, we use the data to help establish liability in the event of an accident; this can help speed up the claim process, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds if you're not at fault and also protecting your No Claims Discount (NCD).

Our approach is to offer incentives to drivers, not penalties, and to educate and inform through useful information, not punish by imposing curfews and mileage restrictions.

You are always free to look at your driving data via your personal dashboard or through our weekly emails, but we, as insurers, don't preach to our customers. We trust that you want to become the best driver you can be and can take on the responsibility of making the appropriate changes to your own driving once you know changes are needed.

Does the UK have the right approach to young driver training

There is a lot of talk in the UK regarding young drivers and their over-representation in car accident statistics.

However, with sometimes reactionary calls for curfews and other apparently punitive measures, some potentially more beneficial approaches to young driver training can easily be overlooked.

For example, it is not uncommon for young driver training sessions to be cancelled because of inclement weather, yet it is of course a reality that all young drivers will have to deal with such conditions once they pass their driving test (particularly as we live in the UK!).

Such examples only highlight the fact that parents and policymakers (those with the power to make changes, such as government ministers) need to be more adept at making the most of every opportunity to create safer young drivers.

Driving simulators – the future of young driver training?

There are many reasons to think that driving simulators represent the future; almost as soon as children are weaned (and before in some cases) they are switched on to screens - whether PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets or consoles.

So, what better way of teaching young people some of the rudiments of safe driving than giving them the opportunity to learn interactively? Whatever the environment – it could be urban, rural or motorway – whatever the situation – it could be school run time, a traffic jam or potential road hazard – and whatever the weather – it could be rain, hail, fog or snow – driving simulators can recreate faithful simulations that give young drivers the opportunity to learn without the risk inherent on the road.

The Goodyear Driving Academy uses an online driving simulator as part of its Young Driver Challenge competition for under 17-year-olds.

Kim Stanton, who runs the Young Driver scheme, said, "The Young Driver Challenge was a huge success last year. The final event included 40 youngsters who all demonstrated a driving ability well beyond their years, and I think people would be stunned to see how good they are."

Of course, nothing can replace the experience of driving on real roads and in genuine conditions, but simulators could perhaps help fill in some of the current gaps in the young driver training system – surely that can only be a good thing?

Drive Wiser – Stay smart. Stay safe.

Drive Wiser is bringing young driver car insurance into the future with in-car smart technology. Our telematics proposition is concerned with keeping you safe, including giving you the ability to log in to your Dashboard so that you can review your driving patterns and habits - letting you learn as you drive.

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