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A new way to think of new drivers

There is no doubt, car insurance for new drivers in the UK is so expensive that it can become problematic, sometimes preventing otherwise perfectly capable motorists from taking to the road.


This of course is linked to the fact that is often new and young drivers who are among the most accident-prone. The statistics support this picture – for example,the road safety charity Brake says that one in four 18 to 24-year-olds will crash in the two years following receipt of their full driving licence and because insurers rely on such statistics for the pricing of their policies, it means many new drivers get a raw deal.

However, with Drive Wiser, you can rest assured that we do more than simply define you by your age or your status as a new driver. Instead, we use the very latest in black box car insurance technology to encourage positive, safe behaviour in young drivers, and potentially save them money by making the claims process much clearer and simpler.

Traffic psychology

If the price of new driver insurance from many insurers is anything to go by, you could be forgiven for thinking that their only concern is the age of the policyholder. However, there are many other factors in play when determining just which magic ingredients combine to make a good driver. For example the following traits can help and hinder safety on the roads:

Sense of status: Studies have shown that the most aggressive drivers are usually those who believe themselves to be superior to others on the road, in both social status and driving ability. Any intelligent new driver will understand that he or she is new to the road and therefore does not have the track record to claim the higher status of being a good, competent driver. As such, it is possible to be an experienced driver who is more aggressive and, consequently, more risky than a new driver.

Self-belief: Repeated studies have shown that 80-90% of drivers believe themselves to have ‘above average ability' in driving situations. Statistically, it is impossible for all of these drivers to be right and such overestimation of ability can be dangerous. If a new driver is intelligent in accepting the limitations of his or her own level of ability and experience,and actively seeks out areas that require improvement he or she can drive in a more realistic and safe way. Not only is this safer, it will also make for a better driver.

Empathy: Cars can be like armoured shells keeping people from revealing themselves to each other. However, if you forget that fellow road users are human, it is easy to take risks not only with your own life but also with those around you. For example by driving aggressively, tail-gating or engaging in road rage. New drivers, with the experience of learning to drive still fresh, have as much ability to empathise with other drivers as any other group – make the most of it.

Drive Wiser, think positive, drive positive

According to studies by traffic psychologists, punishments are an ineffective way of encouraging young and new drivers to become safe drivers. That is why we don't use curfews or penalties with our policies. We simply offer useful guidance through our in-car smart technology about your driving skill, helping you to stay safe on the road and continue to gain experience.

With one of our black boxes fitted into your car, you will get an accurate idea of both the good and bad sides of your driving. The data collected during each journey you take is sent to you through weekly updates via email and on your Dashboard, giving you the opportunity to address any potentially risky behaviour. When the time comes for renewal, the data will be reviewed to help determine the cost of the following year's cover.This way, young drivers can get an insurance price that reflects how responsible they are on the road and not one that just lumps them in with a statistical group.

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