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New driver car insurance customers creating less mileage

Chances are that if you are a young, first-time car insurance customer, you are going to be spending less time behind the wheel than the generation that preceded you.


This is because drivers in Britain are nowadays travelling the lowest number of miles since records began in 2002 – an argument, some would say, in favour of pay as you go, telematics, and other non "mainstream" types of cover.

For example, in 2013 the average annual mileage of British cars was calculated at 7,900 miles, the BBC reported.

This is a dramatic drop on the first year's figures; in 2002 average mileage stood at 9,200 miles. Since then there has been a steady decline in average mileage, with 2007 the only year when there was any rise in distance travelled behind the wheel.

Why we're driving less

There are many reasons for the decline in mileage, from economic and environmental pressures, to fuel costs and inclement weather, to the sometimes prohibitive cost of new driver car insurance – the advent of alternative, mileage-based policies such as Pay As You Go has undoubtedly been a factor too.

This comes despite the fact that there has been a rise in the average mileage created by peoples' daily commute – up from 2,500 miles per year in 2012 to 2,800 miles in 2013. So, it is clear that people are less willing to use their cars unless they believe their journey to be absolutely necessary.

Despite this, don't expect the roads to become less congested any time soon – there are various other factors at play which mean that traffic is denser than ever before, especially at rush hour (which, let's face it, is another reason for reducing annual mileage and choosing 'quieter' times of the day to drive).

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister commented, "While it is important to see whether individuals are driving more or less than before, official figures show overall traffic volume is on the rise again following the end of the recession."

He also added that as the population is expected to increase significantly over the coming 20 years, congestion is unlikely to improve.

New driver car insurance to get you behind the wheel

The fact that new driver car insurance sometimes seems unaffordable is unlikely to be news to anyone. Drive Wiser makes insurance costs realistic by providing competitively priced policies from the outset, while also offering you the chance to prove your positive driving capabilities and therefore get the best price possible in the future.

This is because we are able to assess the information from your black box at renewal, and, if your data proves you are a safe driver, it is likely that we will be able to reward you with a favourably-priced policy, and if you remain claim free, you also build your own No Claims Discount.

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