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New driver car insurance - Now you've passed your test

Firstly, we'd like to say, "Massive congratulations, well done and hip hip hooray!" Passing your driving test is, without doubt, a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud.


Now you can drive alone, wherever and whenever you want! But first, there are a few things to think about.

Your new driving licence

At the end of the test, the examiner will have taken your provisional photocard licence and all accompanying documents, so that they can be sent off to DVLA. If you needed to change any details, such as your address perhaps, you should have informed the examiner and completed the appropriate form. But don't worry if something changes – you can amend the details on your driving licence for free at GOV.UK.

Your driving licence should arrive in the post within three weeks. The photocard will give access to all information relevant to your personal driving licence, including the types of vehicles you are allowed to drive and any penalty points/endorsements you have incurred. This information will be held on a central database at the DVLA.

Tax and insurance

As suppliers of great-value new driver car insurance, that focuses on keeping you legal and safe, Drive Wiser can help you get on the road the smart way – with telematics insurance. Any existing learner driver cover you may have will not be valid once you have passed your test and want to drive alone. So, you must inform your insurer and get a new driver policy in place before you go out alone in your new car.

Plus, you must have appropriate vehicle tax on any car you buy before you drive it or even park it outside your house. For more information, see our FAQs page.

Driving alone

For the first time ever, you will be able to get into your car without an instructor or that wonderful friend or family member who patiently sat by you as you practised your parallel parking! It's a great feeling, but don't underestimate the scariness of it, especially the first few times you drive an unfamiliar car.

Consider putting on green 'P' plates, even if it's only for the first few journeys you make. The plates just let other drivers know that you have recently qualified as a driver and that if you are hesitant, or you stall your car, there's a reason.

Motorway driving can also feel daunting, but the skills you will need for driving over three or more lanes are very similar to driving on dual carriageways. So, when you take to the motorways, keep all those lessons in mind where your driving instructor taught you how to join and leave the busy dual carriageways and how to negotiate changing lanes etc. You might also wish to have a motorway session with a driving instructor – most driving schools can arrange these for you and you may well learn some invaluable lessons about anticipation, speed and overtaking.

If you are cautious of going out on your own, black box insurance can give you added piece of mind. The information about your driving that's sent to your dashboard and via email updates can be really helpful – constantly showing you how you can improve your driving as you grow into an experienced motorist.

Not driving alone

When you pass your test, you may find you become very popular with a lot of people. Suddenly, the chance of a free trip to a party, the big game or even to the shops can make you the mate of choice. But having passengers in your car can be an unwanted distraction which could increase the chances of you being involved in a road traffic incident, so you'll need to be firm with your friends and ask them to stay quiet while you drive or, safer still, ask them to wait until you are really confident in your car.

Car insurance for now and into the future

Telematics car insurance is a great choice for new drivers who want to find the best possible price on their insurance policy while being encouraged to stay on top of their driving skills long after they've ditched their L plates.

At Drive Wiser, we only provide telematics-based policies – so we know our stuff when it comes to how telematics can be best used to benefit our drivers. We believe in using our little black box to help create better and more responsible motorists, as it keeps them well informed of both their good and bad driving habits. This data can then be used to help improve upon any potentially problematic behaviour, making the roads safer for everybody.The same data can also help speed up the claim process in case of an accident by making it easier to determine liability.

You can find out more about Drive Wiser and how our telematics insurance could be of benefit to you as a new driver by clicking through our website. Alternatively, to get a quote, simply click on the orange ‘Get a Quote' button now to see how Drive Wiser can provide you with car insurance that enables you to drive with confidence.


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