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Young drivers - The only way to learn is to drive

When you pass your test and find yourself alone in your car for the very first time, it can be a bit daunting not having a friendly voice saying, "Okay, have you checked your mirrors? Let's get going then. Turn right at the junction ahead."


Yes, it's true, new drivers don't have much road experience and in recent years there has been much talk of putting restrictions on newly qualified drivers, such as curfews and not allowing them to take passengers, but here at Drive Wiser, we believe the best way to help drivers become better and safer on the road is to let them do one thing – DRIVE.

Gaining experience to become a better driver

When you get out on the road with your full licence it can be very liberating yet daunting, because you will no longer have someone with you checking your every move.

We use an in-car telematics device, fitted in your car, to record driving data relating to things like speed, acceleration, braking, times of travel, and types of roads travelled. We build up a weekly picture of your driving and send you an update via email and your Dashboard, which helps you to see your good and bad traits - if you have driven in either a potentially dangerous or illegal way, we will highlight this and you can use the information to change the way you drive.

Drive Wiser puts young drivers in the driving seat

And, as well as providing information to you, the driving data helps us to save you money because in the event of a claim the box becomes a fact box and the information it will have gathered around the time of the incident could help prove you were not at fault.

If you ever are at fault in an accident, the information can help us settle the claim really efficiently and this, in turn, helps us to keep the cost of cover as low as possible.

So, there you have it - car insurance for young drivers which really is for young inexperienced drivers. We want you to feel happy and relaxed while you are on the road, but always safe in the knowledge that we will be there if you need to make a claim.

Get the driving experience you want and young driver car insurance at a price you like.

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