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Car insurance for ambitious young drivers

Car insurance for young drivers – what is there left to say that hasn't been said before?


Fortunately, with Drive Wiser, it's not about what you say, but what you do. This means that if you drive well throughout the lifetime of your policy, you have the opportunity to receive the best possible price for your renewal.

The great news doesn't stop there. With Drive Wiser telematics for young drivers, you are free to drive without curfew, automatic penalties or mileage restriction. This is because we don't intend to slow down your growth into a confident driver by preventing you from getting behind the wheel. Instead, we encourage you to gain as much experience as you can while remaining safe and legal.

Another benefit is that you have the ability to log on to your personal driving dashboard, as well as checking your weekly email updates, so that you can see your essential driving data, including your driving times and locations as well as any risky behaviour that needs to be addressed, or, of course, how well you’ve driven. All of this can help you to improve your road safety and become a better a driver. But what else is there you can do to improve your skill on the road?

Improving your driving

Advanced driver training courses are one way to improve your driving skills, whether it is a standard course or something more adventurous, such as time spent on the race or rally track, these courses give you the chance to develop extra skills, many of which are directly transferable to the everyday driving experience.

This next one is probably the most obvious, but it is so easy to overlook the value of practice. Unfortunately, some telematics car insurance for young drivers policies seek to restrict mileage and, consequently, this can hinder driver development. Drive Wiser is different – we trust you to simply drive and, by doing so, with our support, learn.

A more difficult thing to define that is nevertheless integral to realising your potential as a driver is to know your limits. This means getting rid of any fantasised, ideal notion you might have of yourself and focusing on the reality. Know your strengths, but know your limits and your weaknesses, too. The first step to getting better at anything is recognising those areas where you can improve. Drive Wiser will be able to assist with this – the data provided by the telematics device can help identify areas that you may not even realise you need to work on.

The next one is essential to ensuring that you always take to the road at 100% or, at least, close to it. Don't drive tired, this means keeping fatigue at bay by getting plenty of sleep and taking regular stops and rests when driving long distances.

Drive Wiser – simple and effective telematics car insurance

By following the advice above, along with making the most of our in-car smart technology, you will not only help yourself, but also all other road users by becoming a safer driver. We believe that the most effective way of learning is through trust and respect, offering advice instead of restrictions. As an added incentive, the telematics data can tell us how our customers have driven throughout the life of their policy, and we will use this information to offer our best price possible on young driver car insurance to safe and conscientious drivers at renewal.

Drive Wiser telematics car insurance – we value the importance of education and experience in creating safer drivers.

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