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Young driver car insurance

That's what you want now you've passed your test.

That's what you want now you've passed your test.

A car with a valid MOT, Vehicle Tax. Car Insurance!

But how do you choose which young driver car insurance quote to go for?

The simple and effective way for young drivers over the age of 22 to get on the road with telematics!

Drive Wiser - all of the benefits of telematics
with none of the restrictions

Drive Wiser telematics car insurance for new and young drivers is all about encouraging you to take control of how safe you are on the roads

Because you agree to have a black box in your car, we can usually offer you a much better price than traditional insurance.

You get to see your driving details on your dashboard so you can learn about your road behaviour and, hopefully, become a better driver.

Got a question about new driver car insurance?Here are some answers!

Q: Can I start driving as soon as I've passed my test?

A: You probably can't wait to get behind the wheel and drive, but there are a few crucial things you'll need to sort out first. You'll need a car, of course, which is taxed and MOTd. And you'll need to sort some car insurance. Take your time when choosing a car as it will have a huge influence on how much you pay for car insurance.

Q: Where can I find new or young driver car insurance?

A: The internet is a great place for car insurance, but it might not be the best idea to go with the first quote you receive simply because you're desperate to get on the road. Car insurance for young and new drivers won't be cheap, and the first quote may be much more expensive than you can get elsewhere. Shopping around can help ensure you're getting the best possible price on your insurance, which is why comparison sites are a great idea.

Q: Why is young driver car insurance so expensive?

A: According to the road safety charity Brake, one in four 18 to 24-year-olds will crash within two years of passing their test, with young male drivers likely to be involved in many more crashes than young female drivers. The lack of experience in young and new drivers generally means that traditional insurers feel they are more risky to insure. It doesn't matter how good or safe you are as driver, if you fall into the new or young driver category, your insurance is going to be expensive.

Q: Is there an alternative to traditional car insurance?

A: Yes, telematics insurance (also known as black box insurance) is an effective way to combat expensive policies. With a device-based policy insurers get to see how the driver really behaves on the road and safe drivers can save lots of money as a result. Young and new drivers can benefit by getting cheaper car insurance at the outset. Then, if they drive well throughout the policy, they could save money at renewal, because the priced will be based on their driving, not the stats associated with their age.

Q: What is telematics insurance for young drivers?

A: As part of your car insurance, you will agree to have a small device fitted in your vehicle (often, the device is fitted so discretely that you won't even realise it's there). The device collects data for every driving journey you make and will record information about different aspects of your driving. You will be able to view the data on a personalised Dashboard. By reviewing this information, you'll be able to see the positive aspects of your driving as well as any instances of potentially dangerous or illegal behaviour. You can visit our telematics page for much more detailed information on how the technology behind telematics insurance works.

Q: Will there be any driving restrictions, curfews or penalties?

A: At Drive Wiser, we only offer black box insurance to young drivers over the age of 22. However, our policies do not carry unnecessary penalties or fines for every day driving once you take one out with us. We want our drivers to have control; not restrictions. Which is why our policies do not come with curfews or mileage limitations. As long as every question you answered before setting up your policy was true, that’s all we need! 

Q: Are there any other benefits?

A: The device records data for every journey you make, so, if you're involved in an accident, it can help to prove what happened if you need to make a claim. Acting as a fact box, the telematics device can show your insurer what speed you were travelling at and the forces involved in an impact. It could help prove you were not at fault, therefore protecting your No Claims Discount and excess, and if you were at fault, the information will help us to settle the claim as quickly as possible. Because the device sends out details about the vehicle's location, it can also be used to track a vehicle in the event of theft. Once you've reported the theft to the police, you can call our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline, and our team will do all they can to help the police track and recover the vehicle.

Q: Can I add another driver to my policy?

A: Sometimes adding another driver to your policy can help bring down the price of insurance and you can still do this with a telematics policy. The idea is that by adding a named driver who has more experience (ideally someone with a clean licence and no claims), this will reduce the chances of the vehicle being involved in an accident. However, there is a word of warning here. If you are going to be driving the car most often, then you must put yourself down as the main driver, not your mum or your dad, and definitely not your mate who has three points on his licence. Lying about the main driver to get cheaper car insurance is an illegal practice known as "fronting". When your insurer finds out that you've lied, it could invalidate your whole policy and leave you without insurance altogether.

Is telematics insurance good for young drivers?

Here are some of the things telematics insurance users have said to us about having a telematics device in their car:

“Definitely saved us money and makes me a safer driver too. I think everyone should have a black box and then people would stick to speed limits, brake cautiously and take more care on the roads…" - Chloe

“One insurance company wanted almost £5,000 a year, but the black box brought that down to just under £2,000.” – Kayleigh

“I think having a black box and being able to monitor your driving is a huge boost for so many people. I’m a new driver and still quite nervous on the roads so for me being able to check my driving really helps my confidence.” – Sam

“The black box is great for new drivers. It saved my friend a massive chunk of money and also kept her speed down – which means more money for our adventures!” – Paul

“I'll be honest - I just drive safer! That's the main benefit for me and for other road users I’m sure!” - Rebecca

Simple and effective car insurance for young drivers

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