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Telematics - Tele-what?

It's car insurance, Jim, but not as you know it.

We're sorry for the bad joke - it's a Star Trek thing...from a very long time ago. If you don't get it, ask your Mum or Dad. Okay, so here's what telematics car insurance is all about.

When you sign up for a Drive Wiser car insurance policy, just like traditional car insurance we will need to know your name and details of your driving history etc, but once you've bought the policy and the telematics device has been fitted, that's when things change - the box can quickly become your best friend whenever you take to the road.

The good old days

One attraction of traditional car insurance is that once you've purchased the policy you don't have to think about it again until you need to make a claim, report your car stolen, or renew your policy.

In the past, some telematics car insurance deals seemed like a completely different way of driving. The cover came with numerous rules– the times at which the car could be driven, the number of miles which could be travelled - and sometimes there were penalties if the telematics data flagged a driver as showing road behaviour which was deemed unsafe or negative.

Yet, telematics car insurance products often proved to be the cheapest option out there for many groups of drivers.

Telematics, in-car smart technology for you

Traditional car insurance may just leave you to get on with driving, but it can't help you become a better driver and it certainly can't help you prove your case should you have an accident claim.

Drive Wiser uses weekly updates via email and on your Dashboard to show you how you are driving. This can help you improve the way you drive, which has all sorts of benefits - not least helping you stay safe and legal. It could also help you keep down the costs of driving, such as reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.

In the event of an accident, the telematics box becomes a fact box and, if you weren't at fault, your insurer can use these facts to ensure you don't lose your No Claims Discount or have to pay the excess.

Drive safely and legally with Drive Wiser

Telematics insurance can help new and young drivers get on the road more cheaply because you agree to have a device fitted, and share your driving information with us - it's as straightforward as that.

But it's not just for new and young drivers, we can also help other drivers get cheaper car insurance, such as low-mileage and older drivers. Plus, if you just want to be a better, safer, legal driver, having the ability to check on your own driving data could be just what you need – and you'll always have the fact box, as a witness, with you.

So, if you want cheaper car insurance from a company which utilises telematics for your benefit, then why not get a quote through Drive Wiser today.

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