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Telematics cover that watches out for you

Drive Wiser brings you robust, cost-effective car insurance cover to help you drive safely and legally, which, in turn, can keep your motoring costs as low as possible.



At Drive Wiser we record information about your driving journeys and share that information with you so that you can see exactly how you're driving. In the event of a claim you can be sure that the driving data will be put to good use, either to reveal the facts of an incident or to help get the claim settled quickly and efficiently, which in turn keeps the costs down.

Simple and effective

With Drive Wiser there are no curfews, no restrictions and no automatic penalties. All you have to do is drive, knowing that the information recorded by the device will be there should it be needed. We use in-car smart technology to reduce the cost of car insurance and to help keep our customers protected.


Right from the point you buy your policy online, through fitting the GPS box and up until renewal, you can rely on Drive Wiser.

So long as your device is active, you can rely on the box to have recorded the facts in the event of an accident – we can check the data collected by your telematics device to assist your insurer in settling your claim more quickly - and you can rely on Drive Wiser to use the data intelligently, so if the information proves you were not at fault, your insurer can protect your excess and no claims discount. This means the box could save you hundreds of pounds.


Telematics cover is likely to save you a significant sum on the cost of your car insurance at the outset of your policy and if you drive well during the life of the policy we'll be able to give you our best possible price at renewal. This is because we reward safe drivers by providing them with the affordable policies their safe driving deserves.

Telematics benefits for you

If you are interested in becoming a safer driver, spending less on your car insurance and knowing that there's always someone looking out for you and your car, then Drive Wiser could be the insurance company for you.

To find out more about telematics and how it can work for you, why not click through to our telematics pages, or just go ahead and get a quote now.