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Car telematics insurance: how it works and why it could work for you

Drive Wiser provides a unique brand of telematics insurance using in-car smart technology to help you stay legal and safe while driving.


Our telematics device collects information about your driving and sends it, via satellite technology, to Drive Wiser. We use this information to help keep the costs associated with your insurance as low as possible, but the added benefit is that the data can also help you to improve your driving and stay legal & safe while on the road.

We use the data from your black box device to highlight certain aspects of your driving and we will inform you via email and on your Dashboard about driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh cornering, and aggressive acceleration. This allows you to address problems, and alerts you to behaviour which could put you and other road users at risk, potentially keeping you from being prosecuted for a motoring offence.

Your fact box in the event of an incident

One of the really great things about having a telematics device fitted in your car is that in the event of an incident the black box becomes a fact box. The box will have recorded information about your driving around the time of an incident, so your insurer will be able to see how fast you were driving, how quickly you braked, where your car was positioned at the time of impact, and the directional forces suffered in any collision.

This means that your insurer will be able to settle the claim quickly, because the facts have been collected. In the event of a disputed claim these facts are invaluable. They may be able to prove that you were not at fault in a collision - thus saving you hundreds of pounds by keeping your No Claims Discount intact and protecting your excess. And if you were at fault the telematics data will help insurers settle the claim quickly - and this also helps to keep the costs down, meaning we can keep offering the best possible price for your car insurance.

Telematics - your best friend in the car

Once upon a time telematics car insurance was considered, by some, to be like Big Brother watching you. However, telematics can be there to help, not to hinder, and at Drive Wiser we use the technology to make car insurance as simple and effective as possible.

All safe and responsible drivers who want to pay as little as possible for their car insurance can benefit from having Drive Wiser car insurance, but young and new drivers, and those who only do a low mileage each year could also benefit.

Plus, any driver who wants to become a safer driver can use the telematics information presented on their Dashboard to help them improve their road behaviour and ultimately stay safe and legal while they drive.

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