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Young driver GPS insurance with a difference

Can GPS insurance really be a money saver?


Imagine if you bought young driver GPS insurance because you found the alternatives to be too expensive. Imagine you were then saddled with restrictions, curfews and penalty costs that, as well as limiting your freedom and keeping you off the road, actually mean you failed in your original intention to save money.

Sadly, this is the reality for some young drivers in the UK. Just as those who choose to buy a cheap monthly mobile phone tariff that provides for only limited minutes, they soon discover the trap of a false economy – only with car insurance the financial consequences can be far greater.

Fortunately, with Drive Wiser, telematics has evolved to ensure that the black box works to the benefit of both insurer and consumer, providing not only affordability but also flexibility, security, reliability and, most importantly of all, improved driver safety. But what makes Drive Wiser young driver GPS insurance different?

Young driver GPS insurance

Drive Wiser's telematics device is around the size of a smartphone. When you buy a policy with us, you agree to have the device (supplied free of charge) fitted in your vehicle. This must be done within a specified time frame of purchasing your policy (see Box Fitting for more details), otherwise, your policy may be cancelled, as this type of policy isn’t available without it.

Once fitted, the device is able to record important details about your driving behaviour, including the speed at which you drive, your acceleration and braking habits, and the distance and time of your travel. An overview of this data will then be sent to you via weekly email updates and for online viewing on your Dashboard. Any risky behaviour will be highlighted, alerting you to areas of your driving that you need to improve on and, therefore, potentially helping you avoid an accident, not to mention any fines or speeding tickets.

However, unlike other black box insurance companies we understand that trust is paramount. This is why we emphasise the importance of using helpful information and education to encourage safe driving rather than punishment and penalties. We hope that our drivers will use the data to see where the faults in their driving lie and then make an effort to correct them. In doing so, when it's time for their renewal, we will be able to offer them the best possible price on their premium.

Because all the journeys made by your car are recorded by the device, it means that the data can be used in the event of a disputed claim. The driving facts can be reviewed, making it much easier for insurers to see who was liable for the collision. This could potentially save you hundreds of pounds if you're proven not to be at fault in an accident or it can help settle the claim quickly, keeping the legal costs down, if you were at fault. It also means that if your car is ever stolen and the box remains in the vehicle, the GPS signals may allow us to assist the police in locating it. Just call our 24hr Stolen Vehicle Helpline after you have received your crime reference number from the police, and we will do everything we can to help find your stolen car. All this means, that with Drive Wiser, the telematics device is watching out for you, helping you stay smart, safe and secure on the road.

GPS Tracker insurance has evolved

Drive Wiser can offer safe and legal drivers the best possible price on their premiums while also providing assistance in the event of a disputed claim or vehicle theft.

To take advantage of young driver GPS insurance that is here to help you, not hinder you, Get a Quote today.