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Tracker car insurance for the discerning driver

What is it about Drive Wiser tracker car insurance that makes it the cover of choice for smart drivers in the UK, whether they are young, new to the road, experienced or simply looking for the cheapest policy available?

Watching out for you (and your car)

The earliest tracker devices within the domestic market were installed as part of anti-theft systems – often on elite and luxury vehicles such as Bentleys, Porches, Mercedes and Lamborghinis – so that owners would have a better chance of tracing them in the event they were stolen.

However, with Drive Wiser tracker car insurance you don't have to be a multi-millionaire footballer, jet-setting oligarch or oil-rich sheik to reap the benefits of the very latest anti-theft tracking.

With Drive Wiser you can have peace of mind that if your vehicle is stolen – whether it is a Fiesta, a Punto or a Micra – you have the power of GPS insurance on your side to help find it. Just call up our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline with the crime reference number given to you by the police and, if the telematics device has remained in the car, we will be able to use the GPS tracker signals to assist police in identifying its location.

This is helpful on many levels – not only does it increase your chances of being reunited with your vehicle, it helps police catch thieves and helps us keep costs down. The latter aspect means cheaper policies for you and cheaper policies for all of our customers.

With Drive Wiser telematics you experience all the benefits of GPS tracker insurance without any of the drawbacks.

Insurance that is here to help, not hinder

With some tracker car insurance companies, policyholders may feel that their driving is being monitored and critically analysed on an ongoing basis, allowing insurers to set penalties and restrictions for every single mistake made, whether they are speeding-related, curfew-related or mileage-related.

At Drive Wiser, we don't believe that punishment is an effective way to create safer, better motorists. That's why, instead of hindering drivers, we put all our efforts into trying to help. The driving data collected by the box can be used in a number ways, but the main priority is to keep you regularly updated about your driving behaviour – both the good and the bad habits. You can log into your Dashboard at any time to view your data; this will include your acceleration, braking, speed patterns, driving times and locations.

Plus, the data helps us to settle claims, especially disputed liability claims, more quickly and this means we keep costs down so we can offer you cheap car insurance. If the data shows you were not at fault in an incident your No Claims Discount and excess will be protected, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

We also look at your data come renewal time and this enables us to reward your risk-free driving with the cheapest possible policy.

Making it work

Our black boxes are reliable and hassle-free. But, if something does go wrong we will fix it at your convenience, free of charge. When the policy ends we will switch the device off, unless you renew your insurance with us. If you request removal of the device, we can arrange this for you.

Using in-car smart technology for the good of the driver Drive Wiser offers some of the cheapest car insurance quotes available and provides an effective claims service if you need it.

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