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GPS car insurance - good for the whole family

A parent experiences many emotions when their child passes their driving test. While you're understandably proud about your son or daughter's achievement, there is also a level of concern for their safety.


GPS Car Insurance – the answer to both the new driver’s and their parent's prayers

The telematics device (often referred to as a black box due to its appearance), which is fitted in the car, gathers driving data from each journey the vehicle makes. It uses GPS technology similar to that of a ‘sat nav' to record the car's movements.

This means that any car fitted with a black box can potentially be located. For example, if your car is reported stolen, it may be possible to use the GPS data to assist authorities in their search for the vehicle. All you need to do is call our 24hr Stolen Vehicle Helpline and give us your crime reference number, and we'll do all that we can to help recover the vehicle.

This added security is great news for worried parents; however, it's usually at this point, when considering buying GPS tracker insurance, that the new driver hesitates. GPS may come in handy if you fall victim to theft, but what about the rest of the time? Won't having your every move tracked enable your insurer to keep too much of a close eye on you, ready to punish you every time the driving data shows a blip in your road safety?

While the concept of GPS insurance might seem a bit too intrusive, especially to a new driver who has just begun to experience the freedom that car ownership offers, you needn't worry with Drive Wiser – this is not how we operate.

Looking out for new drivers

At Drive Wiser, we believe in taking care of our customers, particularly new drivers who have just passed their driving test, by allowing them to learn on the road.

Getting a policy with us means that you get the best of both worlds: you have the ability to develop more quickly into an experienced, safer driver with no curfews, automatic penalties or restrictions, and you have all the perks that GPS insurance offers. These include theft tracking, assistance from your own data if you need to make a claim and the potential to get the best possible price on your premium in the future.

With a Drive Wiser telematics device fitted, you can experience the full benefits of having in-car smart technology with you on each trip. Your driving data will be sent to you via weekly email updates and be available to view on your Dashboard. It will show you your driving habits and alert you to any behaviour that is potentially risky, illegal or putting you at risk. Instead of giving out penalties for such behaviour, we trust that you will want to improve and benefit from being a safer driver, so we leave you free to drive as much as you want.

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GPS car insurance with Drive Wiser.

You can count on Drive Wiser to provide you with first-class, technology-based cover that helps keep you safe and attentive, while also helping to make sure you don't have to fully empty your pockets come renewal.

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