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GPS tracker insurance – making your journey to better driving straightforward

Having Drive Wiser's GPS tracker insurance device fitted in your car gives you lots of benefits.


Not only does this intelligent black box act as your own personal road safety guide – helping you to keep yourself safe every turn and providing information about your driving, but it will also act as a reliable source of information in the event of a collision or as an assistant to the police in case your car is stolen. This means you can just get on with your life and drive, safe in the knowledge that you have an extra line of defence against any troubles you may face down the road.

Our engineer-installed device will be discreetly fitted behind the dashboard. This way, potential thieves won't know about it if they try to steal your car, and they'll also have no way of knowing that once you give us your crime reference number by calling our 24 hour Stolen Vehicle Helpline, their every move is being tracked – meaning that together with the police we give you a much better chance of getting your car returned to you.

More good news: if you are ever involved in an accident and need to make a claim, we can use the data to make the whole process a little less stressful. The driving data collected by the device can help give insurers a better idea of what exactly happened in an accident, making it easier to determine liability. This is a good thing for both parties – if you aren't liable, you could potentially save your No Claims Discount and protect your excess. If you are found to be at fault, the data can help settle the claim faster, keeping legal costs to a minimum.

Oh, and one last thing, using the data to help you become a more responsible driver gives you a good chance of getting the best possible price on your premium at renewal.

The power to improve your own driving

You can access your driving data as often as you wish.

You can do this by either viewing the weekly email updates we'll send you or for more in depth information log on to your Dashboard. Here, you can read and analyse the information your GPS tracker device has recorded. You can review your driving to see if there are any risky areas where you might need to improve (these will be highlighted to you).

For instance, if you have gone round a tight corner too fast or had to brake very suddenly, the data will show this, so that you can clearly see what needs to be corrected, allowing you to become much safer in the future. We view this as a form of constructive criticism that gives you the freedom to learn on your own, without the need for restrictive measures. At Drive Wiser we feel that restrictions just cut down your time on the road, limiting your ability to gain valuable experience.

The information available to you includes:

  • Your recent journeys
  • Your Speed
  • Any harsh events, which could include harsh braking , cornering or acceleration
  • Any over speeding events, including in each road speed zone
  • Your mileage
  • Your driving and overnight locations

Can anyone else access your driving data?

No, unless you share your online dashboard login details, no one other than you, Drive Wiser and your insurer can access your driving data.

We are aware of course that if you are a young driver, you might have reached an agreement with one or more parent allowing them access to your black box data, in exchange for help with your car insurance costs - this is fine, and if you have a good driving score, it will help to reassure them you are a responsible road user.

Drive Wiser – telematics insurance that's there to help

Drive Wiser GPS tracker car insurance uses all the benefits of black box data to help you to stay safe & legal on the road and become a better driver, by being there when you need it most. We do all this without saddling you with any of the drawbacks that some telematics insurers impose – this means no curfews, no routine penalties, and no mileage restrictions.

Drive well throughout the life of the policy and we will recognise you as low risk at the time of renewal, which means we can offer you the best possible price on your premium. Plus, as the data has all sorts of uses in the event of a claim and can help recover stolen vehicles, this keeps costs down – which means cheaper car insurance for you.

Get a quote today from Drive Wiser – the future for smart drivers of all ages.

If you have any more questions, why not consult our FAQs page.