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GPS tracker insurance - the smart choice for parents

Drive Wiser GPS tracker car insurance helps keep the cost of cover down for everyone – that means the insurer and, most importantly, you, the customer.


We do this by providing you with a discreet telematics device which is fitted in your car. The device allows us to help establish liability in the event of a claim, saving time and associated costs. Plus, by using the GPS technology to assist police in the recovery of stolen vehicles it has the potential to mean savings all round.

Another great advantage of Drive Wiser GPS tracker insurance is that you are able to review your driving through the information sent via email and available on your personal driving dashboard – this means that you can always keep yourself up to date on your own driving habits and whether or not you need to be making changes to any risky behaviour – a fact which has the potential to empower you to become a safer driver.

This is great news for everyone – but especially for parents, who, with kids on the backseat, are likely to want to be as safe as possible when driving.

Safety first for children

The days of being able to put a child in a Moses basket on the backseat or even to hold an infant in your arms while you travel in a car are, unsurprisingly, long gone – there is a chance that your parents or grandparents might have felt comfortable doing so, but knowing what we know nowadays about kids and car safety, no safe-thinking person would be prepared to risk the lives of their children in this way. And, of course, it is now against the law.

Currently, all parents, carers, and anyone transporting a child aged 0 to 12 must use a car seat that is suitable for the size and weight of the child - this might be a fully-harnessing seat for babies and younger children or a booster seat and seat-belt combo for older children. The law is clear and requires use of a safety seat until the child reaches 135cm height or 12 years of age (whichever comes first).

Seats considered safe and acceptable are those which carry the United Nations E mark or BS Kitemark. Never use a second-hand model, as seats can be weakened and damaged by the stresses of impact and wear yet may still appear undamaged. Some insurers offer replacement child seats as part of their policy.

It is of course vital that the fitting instructions are followed to the letter – statistics prove that children are safest from injury when their seats are fitted to the middle backseat of the car.

To find out more about the law relating to child restraints in cars visit the Gov.UK site by clicking here.

GPS tracker insurance quotes with Drive Wiser

Although having the correct car seat for your children will help protect their lives, there is no better protection than that provided by the quality of your own driving.

The good news is that with Drive Wiser you will be given all the vital information you need to improve your driving to stay as safe and legal on the road as possible. The driving data will clearly show you any potentially dangerous or illegal behaviour so that you will know exactly how to refine your technique, helping keep you and your whole family risk-free.

And don't worry: we don't impose curfews, penalties, or restrictions. We simply offer effective incentives to help you along your way to better driving, including the opportunity to get the best possible price on your premium at renewal.

Ensure your family is protected on the road the smart way with Drive Wiser's GPS tracker insurance. To see how much your Drive Wiser quote will be, why not click on the button and fill in our simple quote form now.