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GPS tracker box technology with Drive Wiser

As you are probably well aware, GPS tracker box insurance relies on Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, but what is GPS and how does it work?

Understanding GPS

GPS tracker box insurance is made possible by a network of 27 satellites (24 of which are operational at any given time) which travel around the earth, approximately 12,000 miles from its surface, making two rotations of the planet each day.

Like many advanced technologies, GPS was originally developed as a military application for navigation. However, nowadays it has many practical applications for the consumer, with GPS an integral part of telematics car insurance, SatNav, and many smartphone and fitness applications.

In fact, GPS is now so much a part of what we do that wherever you stand on earth you could, given the right atmospheric conditions, see at least four GPS satellites.

GPS is so effective because of its accuracy and immediacy; the signals travel at light speed and are instantaneously calculated by the tiny but powerful computers in our tracker boxes, smartphones, laptops and running watches. A person's location is cleverly worked out by using something called "trilateration". Trilateration is able to pinpoint a device's location by calculating where it is in relation to at least three satellites.

GPS tracker insurance for stolen vehicle tracking

With Drive Wiser you can be confident that, so long as the device can contact three or more satellites it is possible to pinpoint the location of your car in the event of theft. And nowhere is this capability more valuable than in Britain, the "car theft capital of Europe".

Like all other aspects of our telematics policies – the ability to monitor your own driving and improve any negative driving traits, plus the potential to achieve the best possible price on your renewal by driving well – the tracking capability is offered as standard and, given that many drivers pay a significant premium to have a tracking device fitted to their car, the value of this cannot be underestimated.

If you believe that your vehicle has been stolen, simply notify police and then, as a Drive Wiser customer, you can call our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline. Once the team has your crime reference number they can assist the police in attempting to recover your vehicle.

GPS tracker insurance from Drive Wiser

Drive Wiser GPS tracker box insurance is just like traditional motor cover, with the added benefit of the black box data to help you when you need it most.

To keep the cost of your cover as low as possible, we provide you with an online dashboard where you can review your driving and see if there are any areas where you could improve. Improving your driving score will help you achieve a great renewal price.

The data can also be used in the event of a claim, helping insurers determine precisely what happened in an accident so that the claim can be settled quickly, and this helps keep costs down – which means cheaper car insurance for you. Plus, the information can potentially help to protect your excess and No Claims Discount, saving you even more money.

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