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Drive Wiser - intelligent tracker car insurance

You are looking for affordable car insurance, tracker-style cover has been suggested to you, but is it worth it?


Although we can't speak for the rest of the market, at Drive Wiser we are able to answer that question with a resounding ‘yes'. This is because we have refined our telematics model to the point where we are distinct from the competition.

It's little wonder we are the evolution in black box car insurance that Britain has been waiting for?

No spies, no lies

Finding the right insurance policy can be bewildering among the vast number of providers, but tracker insurance with Drive Wiser separates itself from the rest for many reasons – not least because of our commitment to not spy on you!

Whereas other telematics insurers will monitor the driving data collected by your black box on an ongoing basis, Drive Wiser will only ever access this information come renewal time. There are two possible exceptions to this rule:

  1. You have been involved in an accident – intelligent analysis of the data relating to the incident can assist your insurer, thereby increasing the speed and efficiency of the claims process while simultaneously reducing the associated costs.
  2. Your vehicle has been stolen and needs locating – once you notify us of your crime reference number our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline can, where possible, assist police in their recovery of your vehicle. This application of the tracker device helps us save costs – savings which we pass on to our customers.

And yes, we do look at your driving data come renewal time – something which allows us to reward your safe driving with our best price – but the fact that we are not checking your miles, penalising you, enforcing curfews or trying to manage restrictions means you get the freedom to drive your way, unimpeded by all the inconvenience and bad vibes created by endless spying and monitoring. It's as easy as 1,2,3, we leave the spying to the KGB!

Of course you are free to review your driving data whenever you want, on your personal online dashboard.

The intelligent tracker cover

With Drive Wiser car insurance, tracker technology has evolved to give you all the benefits – affordability, more efficient claims resolution, vehicle tracking and personal access to your driving data – without any of the drawbacks – curfews, monitoring, restrictions or penalties.

So, whether you are a young driver, new driver or an experienced motorist, try us today and discover the evolution in telematics you have been waiting for.