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Tracker car insurance that is always looking out for you

'Tracker car insurance' – although it might describe a cheaper alternative to conventional cover, it's hardly a phrase to inspire confidence. After all, who would want to buy into something that ‘tracks' you, perjaps leaving you with the uneasy feeling that ‘Big Brother is watching you'?

Wouldn't it be better to have car insurance that is based on trust and freedom of movement? On effective incentives instead of penalties and punishments?

Fortunately, with car insurance from Drive Wiser you have all the benefits of tracker car insurance – the ability to quickly discover what happened in an accident, the possibility of being able to trace your vehicle in the event of a theft, and easy access to all your important driving data – without any of the drawbacks: the driving curfews, the automatic penalties, and the restricted miles.

Serious savings for good drivers

Tracker car insurance from Drive Wiser allows you the chance to get the best possible price on your insurance while also giving you all the benefits that come with black box cover.

Our telematics device, which you agree to have fitted when you buy a policy with us, is there for the following reasons:

  • To save costs in the event of a disputed accident: the device records vital data relating to braking, acceleration, cornering and speed, which can be used to reduce time and legal costs where liability for an accident is contested. The data could potentially help save your No Claims Discount and protect your excess if it shows you were not at fault.
  • To save costs in the event of a vehicle theft: the UK is the ‘vehicle theft capital of Europe' – half of these cars are never recovered. However if the telematics device remains in a stolen car, we may be able to assist the police by using the GPS signals to track it. This means we save money, for us and, importantly, for you, the customer.

More positive news is that a good driving score, which reflects your safe and responsible road behaviour, will mean we may be able to offer you a great deal on your renewal premium. This is why Drive Wiser is emerging as the smart choice for good drivers.

Tracker insurance for all drivers

Not so long ago tracker car insurance was a niche product for young drivers looking to prove their credentials to the insurance market. However, with Drive Wiser's innovative approach to telematics, tracker car insurance has become the smart choice for all drivers - including low mileage drivers, student drivers, new drivers and experienced drivers - as well those looking for a product that encourages them to become a better driver without ever restricting their freedom.

Get a quote and DRIVE

If you want telematics car insurance which lets you get on with your motoring, get a quote today and discover Drive Wiser.

Telematics has evolved.