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Intelligent GPS insurance for young drivers

At Drive Wiser we know that the only way of providing young drivers with cheaper car insurance is by reducing costs for everyone.


That's why we have developed a new approach to GPS insurance for young drivers that's based on the intelligent harnessing of GPS car insurance technologies to create better, safer drivers.

But how do we do this?

Giving young drivers a break

You must be completely fed up of hearing how around ten percent of the 500,000 or so new drivers who take to the roads in Britain each year, have a crash within their first six months of passing their test. Although this is not a statistic to be taken lightly, at Drive Wiser we believe that the best way to help young and new drivers is to empower them, equipping them with all the knowledge they need to remain safe and legal in their car.

Drive Wiser GPS insurance for young drivers is all about empowerment, education, and freedom. This means that we don't restrict your miles, impose curfews, or impose any form of automatic penalty throughout the duration of your policy. Instead, we help you by using the telematics device to encourage you to grow as a driver, by giving you support in the event of a claim, by helping police recover your vehicle in the event of theft,* and by rewarding you for your safer driving come renewal with the best possible price on your premium. We like to think of it as watching out for you, putting your safety first at every turn.

  1. We minimise the costs of claims – Because the GPS box records essential data such as driving speed, location, braking, cornering and more, we can look at the data in the event of a claim and work with your insurer to help settle your claim quickly. This helps us keep costs down – it can also help you, ensuring that you don't have to accept unfair full or partial liability and potentially saving you your No Claims Discount and Excess.
  2. We help recover your vehicle in the event of theft - Britain is Europe's car theft capital and every year hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen – of these only half are ever recovered. As long as the telematics device remains in place, we may be able to use GPS tracking to assist the police in locating stolen vehicles (once the owner has given our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline the crime reference number) thereby reducing the financial cost of theft. This means savings for us and savings for you.
  3. We reward good driving – At renewal, we evaluate the driving data sent to us by your GPS box over the life of your policy, and if it proves that you are a low-risk driver, we will be able to offer you the best possible price. We find that it's an effective way of motivating you to stay on top of your road safety, while helping you keep insurance costs down.

You've seen there's more carrot and less stick – now get a quote!

Drive Wiser's brand of GPS insurance for young drivers is a simple, effective way to fill the roads with better, more safety-conscious drivers through the power of incentives.

To find out more about telematics and how Drive Wiser works, please click through our website. If you're ready to let telematics technology get you on the road to a safer, smarter form of driving, why not get a quote now.

* Our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline requires a crime reference number to be able to assist the police in any recovery attempt, and is dependent upon the device remaining in the vehicle.