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Drive Wiser - car insurance as smart as you are

Technology – it's all about what we make of it. After all, who wants to ruled by technology, limited by it, undermined by it, frustrated or outfoxed by it? No one wants to be a servant to technology.

So, at Drive Wiser, we use in-car smart technology to help you remain safe and protected on the road while getting affordable insurance. The technology is used to work with you, not against you. This means that you don't suffer the slings and arrows of restrictions, curfews, penalties and constant monitoring.

But how does Drive Wiser make you the master of telematics technology and help you get cheap car insurance?

Well, it's simple. Just read below to find out how.

Cutting costs without cutting corners

Have you ever been involved in a disputed car accident claim? If you have, you will understand the frustration, the bureaucracy, and the spiralling of often unnecessary costs.

It is not uncommon for disputed claims to end up in the hands of mediators, arbitrators and even Small Claims Courts. The great thing about Drive Wiser's telematics cover is that the data recorded by the box can prove vital for assisting a claim.

Whether it is crucial data regarding location, braking, speeds, cornering or impact forces, by assessing the information recorded by your telematics device, we may be able to support your claim - helping to settle the matter quickly and efficiently and thereby reducing costs – not only for you but for all our other policyholders, too, and in the event of every claim, not just the ones which are disputed. You could potentially save hundreds of pounds if you are shown not to be liable for an accident, protecting your no claims discount and excess.

With our tracker technology we may also be able to assist you in recovering your car. If your car is stolen and the black box remains in place, the GPS signals sent from the device can help the police track the vehicle. Just call our Stolen Vehicle Helpline, give them your crime reference number and let us see if we can help police locate your vehicle.

Providing incentives to stay safe

With our approach to black box car insurance you can rest assured that, come renewal time, if you have stayed safe, using your driving data as a guide, you will be able to get the best possible price on your insurance.

Once your black box is fitted, all you have to do is drive, safe in the knowledge that you are being supported by intelligent telematics technology that is intent on looking out for you. You will always be able to keep on top of your driving technique by reviewing the information sent to your Dashboard; this will flag up any particular habits you should be avoiding. Following this advice will put you in the best position when renewal time rolls around.

Drive Wiser, we watch out for you, helping you stay safe.

More carrot less stick

Do you want cheap car insurance? Well, we don't use sticks – automatic penalties, curfews, limited mileage – we just let you drive and provide you with the ultimate carrot – the best possible prices come renewal time if your driving score is good and your circumstances have not changed.

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