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Bright ideas for summer driving from Drive Wiser

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At Drive Wiser, we make insurance simple and effective, bringing you both affordability and quality so that you can take to the road in confidence, whether you are a new driver, young driver, older driver or off-duty astronaut.

Hot tips for summer

We hear so much about the hazards of driving in winter – ice on the roads, morning and afternoon darkness, increased stopping distances, etc. – that we could be forgiven for thinking that once summer arrives it means that there is nothing to worry about.

Yet, to think the above would be to fall victim to a misconception. The truth is that elevated temperatures in combination with the summer holiday rush and the resulting congestion can place very particular pressures on both cars and their drivers.

However, the good news is that with just a little forethought and few practical measures it is possible to take meaningful steps towards staying safe while also enjoying some summer vibes behind the wheel. Here we look at two of the most overlooked safety hazards of summer driving.


In winter we are, and rightfully so, always being told about the importance of having both the correct tyres and the correct tyre pressure. However, over-focusing on the importance of tyre safety in winter can lead us to forget that tyres are also prone to the effects of summer.

For example, during summer any damage or abnormalities to a tyre surface can be exacerbated by high temperatures. This is particularly true when tyres are under-inflated, as friction will increase heat, potentially causing punctures and catastrophic blowouts.

Always be sure to check the pressure and condition of your tyres, particularly before a long journey, remembering that the recommended tyre pressure of your car may vary depending on the weight of your passengers and luggage load.

Summer fatigue

Although we might all look forward to summer as an opportunity to relax, sun ourselves and reinvigorate with much-needed vitamin-D following the long pallid days of winter, it is also worth remembering that high temperatures can make us feel tired, particularly when we are undertaking long journeys.

As such, it is not enough to just open the window and play some up-tempo summer anthems on the in-car stereo in the hope that such actions will keep us alert; sure, they might, but only for a short time.

Instead, be sure to take regular breaks in accordance with the latest advice, which you should be able to find from a group such as GOV.UK or the AA, and, where necessary, take regular naps (although do this at a safe place such as motorway services point, NOT the hard shoulder).

Bright cover for a sunny future

Drive Wiser's black box uses all the benefits of telematics to help keep you road-savvy no matter what time of year it is. With no mileage restrictions, curfews or automatic penalties, black box insurance trusts that you to want to be a better driver and helps you along through the useful data recorded by the device. This data (sent to your Dashboard and to you via weekly email updates) will alert you to any potentially risky or illegal driving behaviour, helping you to correct any issues. It will also show you how well you’re doing. It can also be used as your own personal fact box in the event of a claim, helping to settle the matter quickly and, if you're found to be not at fault, potentially saving you money.

Your driving data recorded by the black box is assessed shortly before policy renewal, meaning that if you have proven yourself to be a low-risk driver, the price of your next policy will reflect the safety and confidence of your driving with the best possible price your insurer can offer.

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