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Affordable and effective car insurance without the gimmicks

Making sure you get the best deal on your car insurance has become a priority for many people, and the marketeers are trying all sorts of tricks to get you to spend your cash with them.

So, if it's important for you to receive a free gift when you buy your policy, you may want to click away from Drive Wiser now.

We have one plan of attack when it comes to offering cheap car insurance, and that is to use in-car smart technology to make getting the right insurance as simple and effective as possible.

Telematics is the future for cheaper cover

Most drivers, especially young drivers, will have looked at the price of their car insurance premium and thought, why does it have to be so expensive? Well, for all the safe drivers out there, it's because all drivers foot the bill for those who cause accidents. Accidents, and the subsequent cost of settling claims, are what put the prices up for the rest of us.

With a telematics policy, you can prove to your insurer that you are a good, safe driver, and this means that you will have a much better chance of getting the best possible price on your policy at renewal. Not only that, but you will also be encouraged to always make sure you're staying safe and legal. This is done through updates sent to your Dashboard and to your email address, notifying you of both your good and bad driving habits. Any behaviour that could possibly lead to accidents is highlighted so you are aware of the areas where you need to improve.

To find out more about exactly what telematics is and how it works in terms of your motor cover, please click here.

How we use driving data

We use the data collected by the Drive Wiser telematics device to help us calculate the price of your renewal policy. The information gathered generates a driving score which allows us to see how safely the car has been driven during the life of the policy. This, in turn, means we offer insurance at the best possible price to the drivers who have proven themselves to be responsible on the road.

In the event of a car accident, we use the data collected by the telematics device to help us establish what happened - this means we can settle the claim quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, which means our costs are kept to a minimum. We pass those savings on in the form of cheaper car insurance for our customers. Also, if you're not at fault, the data can help prove this and protect your excess and no claims discount.

Lastly - as the telematics device acts as a theft tracker - if your car is stolen and the device remains in place, the GPS signals sent from the box can assist the police in locating it.

Telematics 1 - Gimmicks 0

Free gifts and giveaways do nothing to keep the price of your car insurance down, but telematics really can help. And what Drive Wiser gives you are all the incentives you need to become a better driver and, ultimately, be able to get the best possible price on your premium.

To see for yourself, why not get a quote today. Join Drive Wiser for the telematics revolution.