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Tips for safe driving at night

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE Know how to use your headlights properly and make sure all lights are working before you set off, including fog lights and brake lights. Carry spare bulbs for emergencies. Check your headlights Carry a bottle of antifreeze so you can effectively clear your windows on cold nights. Make sure you can clearly see out of all windows before setting off – use a demisting cloth on the inside to clear condensation. Always be prepared Keep your car windows, windscreen, mirrors and lights clean for maximum visibility on dark nights. Clean them regularly to reduce glare. Clean me! Reaction times are predominantly based on vision. Compensate for reduced visibility by travelling slower than you would in the daylight so you have more time to react. Take it slow There may be animals on the road – deer and badgers on rural roads for example and cats and foxes in built-up areas. Travel slowly and give yourself plenty of time to stop because they will be harder to see at night and may dart out in front of you. Watch out for our furry friends To stay safe and legal on the roads you can use the information recorded by your Drive Wiser black box to review your driving using your Dashboard. You’ll be able to see how you are driving at different times of the day and whether you should consider adjusting your driving habits to stay safe, especially at night. Trust in technology Make sure you’re not tired. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep the night before a long drive in the dark. If you get tired while driving, pull over in a safe and appropriate place to rest. Get enough sleep Drink a strong caffeinated drink or eat a sugary snack to boost your energy and help you stay alert. Keep your energy levels up Dip your headlights when another vehicle is coming towards you and when you are coming up behind another vehicle. Never look directly at another car's lights. Headlight courtesy Always wear prescription glasses/contacts lenses while driving if your vision does not meet the required standard. Glasses with anti-reflective coating are the best for night time driving. Keep your vision sharp

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