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Theft tracking

For many of us, our car is an essential part of our everyday lives.


It means we can get to work without the hassle of waiting for trains and buses; we can use it to see our friends and relatives, and it is, of course, always on standby in case of a personal emergency. Once you have a car, thinking about life without it is quite difficult. So what happens if your car is stolen?

GPS and stolen vehicles

If your car is stolen, telematics box insurance can be a real benefit. The device fitted in your vehicle at the start of your policy is also a theft tracking device. So, if you wake up one morning and your car isn't where you parked it, all you have to do is report it to the police then call the 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline with your crime reference number. Providing the device remains in the vehicle, the team can use the in-car smart technology to assist the police in their attempt to recover your car.

Drive Wiser – telematics insurance which works for you

Drive Wiser black box car insurance aims to help keep you safe and legal on the roads by using the black box data to help you when you need it most. We will keep you informed about your driving, via email and on your Dashboard, so that you can address any dangerous or risky driving behaviour and we also use the data to help you keep the price of your car insurance down in the future.

If you drive well throughout the life of the policy we will recognise you as low risk at the time of renewal and will be able to offer you a great deal on the following year’s car insurance. Plus, the data has all sorts of uses in the event of a claim, and this also keeps costs down – which means cheaper car insurance for you.

Get a quote today from Drive Wiser – smart insurance with your safety and protection in mind.