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Black box insurance that saves you money

At Drive Wiser we believe that the main benefits of black box insurance are in helping to keep you safe and legal as you drive and bringing down the cost of cover.


So, how do we help you save money? Read on for 'Drive Wiser' explained.

Quick and efficient claims

If you've ever been in a car accident and fault was disputed, you'll know just how unpleasant it is to have the claim drag on, and on. Not only is all that to-ing and fro-ing time-consuming but it can sometimes result in unfair apportioning of liability. It also means that, more than likely, the cost of your insurance is going to go up as the insurer will have to cover its costs.

Drive Wiser uses black box technology to help investigate claims. We are able to take a detailed and intelligent look at data recorded by the telematics device fitted in your car, to check information regarding accelerative, decelerative and directional forces at the time of the incident. This helps your insurer to understand the events of an accident meaning fewer disputes, lower costs and, ultimately, savings for the insurers and Drive Wiser customers.

Helping you stay safe and legal

At Drive Wiser we don't do mileage limits and curfews - but we do inform you of your driving to help keep you safe and legal on the roads. For instance, if you drive at 40mph in a 30mph area, we will inform you via email and on your Dashboard, so you can address the issue. This could help you avoid a speeding ticket or, ultimately, make you pose less of a risk to other road users.

By reducing your likelihood of having an accident or gaining a motoring offence penalty, i.e driving more safely, your insurer will be able to offer you the best price on your renewal policy.

Theft tracking

If your car is stolen, Drive Wiser can help trace it because the device in your car also works as a theft tracking device. If your car is stolen, you can contact our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Helpline, with your crime reference number, and the team will assist the police in attempting to recover your car. This reduces an array of insurance-related costs, which, ultimately filters down to the benefit of the policyholder.

The best drivers stay with us

Because we use your driving data to calculate a driving score, at renewal time we are able to offer you the best price on your new policy based on your twelve months of data. This means that if we see a picture of you as being a low-risk driver, you will be offered the best possible renewal price.

In short, the best drivers stick with Drive Wiser because we can offer them the cheapest car insurance – which means savings for us and savings for you!

Black box benefits for you

Save money, save time, gain confidence, drive more positively with Drive Wiser.

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