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Box fitting

We want to make telematics car insurance as simple and effective as possible. As a Drive Wiser customer, you will be driving with the added protection that comes from agreeing to have a small, black box device in your car.


The information collected by this in-car smart technology helps to keep you informed about your driving, whilst the data also helps your insurer keep claims costs and disputes to a minimum. The telematics box is supplied and maintained free of charge.

The box must be fitted within 7 days of the start of the policy. The box fitter will take photographs of your car, your driving licence and proof of any No Claim Discount, for validation purposes.

Installing the device

In most cases, we’ll send you a device that you can fit in your car. This takes a couple of minutes and all you’ll need is the device and your phone with the Drive Wiser app.

If we need to send an engineer, you can have the device installed at any location you choose (providing there is a safe area for our fitter to work). It can be at home or at work - in fact, your car can be at home and you can be at work – you don’t even need to be present. As long as our box fitter has access to the car, the car keys, and the relevant documentation is available, we will fit the device.

What does fitting entail?

If we need to send an engineer to install your device, our specially trained engineers fit the small device (similar in size to a smart phone) to your car's battery. It will be securely attached so you can forget it is there. The fitting, in most cases, takes under an hour. The box will be switched on immediately, or from the date, you wish cover to start. Drive Wiser will provide insurance cover for your vehicle before the device is fitted, but our engineers must be given access to the vehicle within 7 days or a 7 day notice of cancellation will be issued and the policy will be cancelled.

Once the fitting is complete, our engineer will take photos of your documents and your car for our records. These are used for validation and in the event of a claim to prove the condition of the vehicle at the commencement of the policy. The installation may not be able to take place if you do not have the correct documents available.

You can upload the requested documents via the Help tab on your personal online dashboard.

All you have to do is drive

Once the black box is fitted you don’t have to worry about it. If it malfunctions, we will fix, or replace it, free of charge. When the policy ends we will switch it off unless you renew your insurance with Drive Wiser.

We will only come to take the box out of the vehicle if you specifically request it. If you have an engineer installed device and sell the vehicle, all you have to do is let the new owner know about the box, but unless they choose to buy Drive Wiser insurance, the device will not collect any further data.

If you drive safely and responsibly while the box is activated, you are likely to be rewarded with the best possible price on your renewal premium.

Telematics has evolved

So, for new innovation in black box insurance why not give Drive Wiser a try. We aim to offer some of the cheapest black box car insurance quotes available and provide an effective claims service if you need it.

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