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Black box insurance for wise young drivers

Drive Wiser is all about trust - we trust that you want to be a safe and legal driver and you are prepared to show us this.


The black box that, as a Drive Wiser customer, you agree to have in your car collects data about your car journeys and we use this information to inform you of your driving behaviour and to help keep the price of your car insurance as low as possible. We don't restrict your miles, we don't impose restrictions, and we don't penalise you for slightly exceeding your estimated mileage.

Our black box insurance for young drivers can help when you need it to – for example, if your vehicle is reported stolen or you are involved in an accident - and it can help you become a better driver because we will inform you via email and on your Dashboard about your driving. So, if there are any risky or potentially dangerous driving habits, you can address them and stay safe and legal on the roads.

No restrictions

Yes, there are still some black box young driver insurance companies that restrict the number of miles their policyholders can drive and, yes, some even ‘fine' or ‘penalise' policyholders for exceeding their estimated mileage – but Drive Wiser is not one of them.

Although we ask you for an estimated mileage during the quote process we understand that needs and circumstances are subject to change., so if you go a little bit (not excessively) over your estimate you will not be penalised (although the lower your mileage at the end of your policy's lifetime, potentially the greater the likelihood of a cheap car insurance quote at renewal).

Letting you drive without fear of penalty

It is strange but true that some telematics insurers actually penalise young drivers for certain driving behaviours – for example, heavy braking, rapid acceleration or late night excursions to the local drive-thru hamburger store.

At Drive Wiser, however, we let you drive and trust that you will want to learn how to become a better, safer driver. So we send you weekly driving updates letting you know when you drove well and highlighting potentially dangerous, risky and illegal behaviour such as speeding or aggressive cornering. The safer you drive, the better the chance that we will be able to offer you the best possible price on insurance at renewal time and statistically, the less at risk of an accident you’ll be.

You can trust in telematics

Our black boxes are like fact boxes. This means that if ever you are involved in an accident, you can have confidence that all the important details have been collected by the in-car smart technology we use. For example we will have access to information about your speed, location, braking and acceleration at and around the time of the accident. So, in the event that there is a dispute about who was to blame, the information can be used to settle the claim quickly and efficiently (potentially protecting your No Claims Discount and your excess). If you were not at fault, the device can help prove that - if you were at fault, we can settle the claim quickly and efficiently to help keep the costs down.

So, if you think you would like to trust in black box insurance to help you drive more safely and keep the cost of your car insurance down, why not join Drive Wiser.

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