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The Drive Wiser black box makes claims simpler

Our in-car smart technology provides facts about collisions and road incidents so that we can handle claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.


It's a familiar scenario for some motorists – you're manoeuvring carefully in a car park, or driving within the speed limit along a straight road, when suddenly a car pulls out from nowhere and there's a collision.

When you get out of your car you find it has been significantly damaged and you think you may be suffering whiplash, but the other driver is screaming at you that it was your fault. What do you do?

If you have insurance from Drive Wiser, then we're here to help because we will be able to see data that can prove how fast you were travelling, your road position and the direction and force of the impact.

Traditional insurance v Drive Wiser black box car insurance

In the past, when it was impossible to decide who was at fault in an accident - particularly in car park accidents - insurers would merely split the claims costs. This meant that everyone involved got their cars fixed, but ultimately the cost of car insurance for each party went up (unless they had protected their No Claim Discount) because they were both forced to make a claim.

Now, with Drive Wiser's clever black box device, we are able to gather data about collision incidents to see who was really at fault. So, if you were not to blame for an accident, we have a much better chance of proving this, settling the claim in your favour and recovering all the costs.

No matter what the outcome of your claim is, the telematics data helps us to speed up the claim process and this ultimately means costs go down. In turn, keeping car insurance prices as low as possible.

Cheap car insurance for you – simpler claims processing for everyone. It's a win-win situation.

Telematics tells you if you are a safe driver

The other major cost-related benefit of black box car insurance is that, at renewal, we will look at your driving score (calculated by analysing specific elements of your driving such as braking, speed, time of journeys, and other items) and your renewal premium is worked out based on how safe your driving has been over the life of the policy.

Over the course of your policy, we will keep you updated about your driving, via email and your Dashboard, so that you are aware of any unsafe or risky driving behaviour and can address it. We want to help you stay safe and legal while on the roads - protecting you, your passengers and other road users.

Plus, at renewal, safe drivers are likely to get some of the cheapest car insurance renewal quotes around. So what are you waiting for?

Drive Wiser car insurance is black box cover for the future

Do you want cheaper car insurance and to have some top-notch technology behind you in the event of a crash. If your answer is yes, then here's what you should do:

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