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At last, good news for your car insurance

Young drivers often feel that car insurance is going to be ridiculously expensive and, for some, it will be, but it doesn't have to be that way.

There are scare stories all over the media; from young drivers being told they are ‘uninsurable' to new drivers being told that they must pay several thousand pounds to get on the road. And it's not just young drivers, either; older drivers are frequently being told that changes in the insurance market are leaving them worse off than ever before.

Fortunately, it is not all bad news; with black box car insurance from Drive Wiser, drivers of all experiences and ages have the opportunity to improve their driving and save money on their car insurance, both now and in the future.

Who pays the most for cover?

According to, at the beginning of 2016, 17-year-olds were paying an average of almost £1,900 for one year of car insurance. The figures showed that a drivers aged 21 were paying around £1,400.

The good news is that Drive Wiser is car insurance for motorists of all ages – both younger drivers and older drivers may find it is possible to make significant savings on their cover. And there is nothing baffling or demanding about the technology involved with our black car insurance – once your in-car smart technology box is in place you can drive knowing that you have black box facts to back you up in all sorts of situations.

How Drive Wiser can help

Sometimes shopping around for car insurance can only get you so far. By coming straight to Drive Wiser you may have already saved yourself time and money.

Drive Wiser black box insurance gives young drivers (and older ones too) the opportunity to escape all the statistical assumptions that underwriters tend to make about them. By driving safely and legally throughout the lifetime of your policy, you can make sure that your driving makes the difference in whether you get a good deal, and not your age or postcode.

We will inform you when the black box sends us data which shows up any potentially dangerous, risky or illegal driving behaviour. That way you can see where you're going wrong and address the issues.

Plus, in the event of an accident, the telematics device becomes a fact box - it will show information about location, speed, direction of impact etc, and this could potentially prove you were not at fault in a claim. This could save you your No Claims Discount and your excess which can often be a lot of money. If you're found to be at fault, the box helps us to keep costs down by making the settling of a claim more straightforward. The quicker we handle a claim, the more we can save on costs.

Always watching out for you

As well as being a great tool in the constant battle to get the best car insurance deal, the black box can help if your vehicle is stolen. Providing the device remains in the car, GPS signals sent out

can help the police to recover the vehicle - all you have to do is contact the 24/7 stolen vehicle helpline with your crime reference number.

Drive Wiser – smart insurance with your safety and protection in mind

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