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Get access to the best AA breakdown cover with Drive Wiser

You've passed your driving test, you've taxed, insured and MOTd a car and you're all ready to go.

AA Roadside Assistance, AA breakdown cover

So, now imagine you're on your way to an all-important interview for that dream job when a small icon on your dashboard lights up and not long after you lose all power in your car. You stop (as safely as you can) and put on your hazard warning lights.

There are a number of possible scenarios here, but they broadly fall into two categories:

Scenario 1 – You are left stranded without the ability to fix your own vehicle, waiting for someone to come to help. You miss your interview.

Scenario 2 – You have quality breakdown cover in place and you know that a qualified and well-equipped mechanic is coming out to get you back on the road. A quick call to the interviewer lets them know of your circumstances and a short while later, you are on your way again and heading for the interview that will change your life.

The AA and Drive Wiser

Luckily, you can add AA breakdown cover to your Drive Wiser black box insurance policy as an optional extra, which means you get peace of mind knowing you'll save money on unexpected and expensive breakdown and recovery costs.

Why should you choose this type of cover along with your telematics policy?

  • The AA is one of the UK's most trusted brands1.
  • It is the largest breakdown service provider in the UK2 – the organisation has more than 2,700 dedicated mobile mechanics, and each expert attends more than 1,200 breakdowns every year.
  • They fix more breakdowns than any other provider in the country – a staggering 8 out of 10.3 (That's a driver helped every nine seconds!)

But if you're still not convinced, here's some more information on the services available to you as a Drive Wiser customer, if you also have cover with the AA.

Do I need AA breakdown cover?

While AA breakdown cover is not compulsory when you purchase your GPS tracker insurance and is not a legal requirement, it's strongly recommended, as it may save you a lot of hassle later on. With the cover in place, all it takes is a phone call to the AA – on 0800 88 77 66 – or a few taps on their App and they'll come and either fix your vehicle for you or take it to an approved local repairer.

If you don't have breakdown cover and you end up suffering a fault mid-journey, then you may have to contact a local garage yourself. The resulting fee for their services can be unpredictable and could be extremely high if your car needs to be towed a long distance. Having cover already in place is typically the better value option.

However, if you've broken down on the motorway, then finding a local garage is sure to be a lot more difficult, and you may have to contact Highways England (previously the Highways Agency) to assist you. Again, this service is likely to land you with a much higher bill than the cost of having AA breakdown cover.

How do I get AA breakdown cover?

Simply choose the appropriate level of cover for your needs when you get your Drive Wiser quote.

Which level of cover is right for me?

In order to get the right cover for you, you should check out the different levels of cover available. Let's take a more in-depth look at these levels to help you decide which product is right for you.

AA Roadside Assistance AA Roadside Assistance is the first level of cover offered. It will ensure that, if you've broken down during a journey, an AA mechanic will come to your vehicle at any time of day or night anywhere in the UK, and hopefully get you back up and running. If the mechanic is unable to fix your vehicle, they will arrange to have you, the vehicle, and up to seven passengers taken to a local garage. Bear in mind this level of cover does not offer assistance if you've broken down less than a quarter of a mile from your home address.

AA Roadside Assistance & At Home This level of cover offers you all the protection of AA Roadside Assistance cover (above) and also provides assistance if you break down at your home address (or less than a quarter of a mile from it). This is a useful addition for when you wake up one morning to find you're unable to leave your own driveway (some common causes of breakdowns, such as a flat battery and starter motor faults, are most likely to happen at home).

AA Roadside Assistance, At Home & National Recovery If the AA is unable to fix your car at the roadside or arrange a prompt repair at a local garage, you, the vehicle, and up to seven passengers will be recovered to a single UK mainland destination of your choice, regardless of how far away it is. This means that, no matter where you find yourself stranded beside your unfixable car, you'll still make it to your destination, whether that's to your home, work, or maybe even a job interview.

Drive Wiser and AA – the perfect pairing to get you safely back on track

And remember that black box insurance can help you improve your driving ability, allowing you to become a safer, better driver on the road. And, this could help you avoid potential damage to your vehicle, minimising the chances of a breakdown due to factors such as damaged tyres or overused brakes. Don’t let the unexpected ruin your trip.

1 Source: Brand Asset Valuator April 2014. Outside of charities the AA came first in a survey of 3,000 people , ahead of Post Office, Boots and Google 2. Source: Mintel – INTEL report: Vehicle Recovery – UK, September 2014. The website of the second largest provider stated that they had 'approximately 1,500 patrols' on 8 October 2015. 3. Based on AA Case Repair Rate Septec 13 – Aug 2014