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About Drive Wiser

Simple, effective and helping to reduce the cost of car insurance - that's Drive Wiser.

Who is Drive Wiser?

Drive Wiser is a long established leading telematics brand, based in the UK.

About Drive Wiser

We use in-car smart technology to help you stay legal and safe on the road, while keeping claims costs and disputes to a minimum.

What is the aim of Drive Wiser?

Drive Wiser wants to make car insurance as simple and effective as possible. We use telematics technology intelligently to reduce the cost of car insurance, to help keep our customers protected and potentially save them money.

What is telematics?

Telematics is the use of information sent via GPS signals, much like your phone uses. A telematics device, also known as a black box and about the size of a smart phone, is fitted in your car. It sends information about the journeys your car makes back to Drive Wiser - for example, your speed, acceleration, braking, journey times, and mileage for your information and for your insurer to use in the event of a claim or if your car is stolen .

How does Drive Wiser use telematics data?

We want to protect your interests if you need to make a claim, and the data collected by your device can help your insurer quickly establish liability in the event of a dispute. This means that your claim is handled as efficiently and accurately as possible, potentially saving you your excess and protecting any no claims discount (NCD) you may have.

The data is also used to help you stay informed about your driving - via email updates and on your Dashboard - so you can be aware of any dangerous or possibly risky driving behaviour being recorded. Plus, if you drive safely and responsibly, your insurer can use the information to reward you with the best possible price on your renewal premium.

How does Drive Wiser make car insurance cheaper?

We use in-car smart technology to reduce claims costs. We use the telematics data to clarify disputes, identify fraud, settle claims early and minimise legal fees and fuss. For example, if you are not at fault in an incident, we can defend your claim (potentially protecting your NCD and saving your excess). While if you are at fault, we can settle quickly – in both cases there is a significant saving. This makes car insurance cheaper.

How is the telematics device fitted?

Our in-car smart technology will be fitted by a trained engineer. The smart phone sized device can be installed at a place of your choice and at an agreed time.

Find out more about box fitting here.

When does your cover begin?

Your cover begins from the date you specify at the time of purchase. You will be covered from this date; however, the black box device must be fitted and activated within a specified time. The box must be fitted within 14 days of the start of the policy.

If the device is not fitted within the specified timeframe, you could receive a 7 day notice of cancellation and your policy may be cancelled.

Who does Drive Wiser benefit?

Drive Wiser benefits any safe and responsible driver who wishes to pay as little as possible for their car insurance. Young and newly qualified drivers and low mileage drivers could benefit, as well as any driver who wants to become a safer motorist. Weekly driving email updates will help you identify any dangerous or potentially risky driving behaviour, which you will also be able to see on your Dashboard, so you can consider changing your driving behaviour to stay legal and safe, and benefit from the best price at renewal.

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